Kenwal Day Camp
Since 1957

Kenwal Day Camp  is located in Melville, New York on 20 acres of greenery accented by the finest summer day camp facilities and equipment to ensure every camper ages 3 to 15, hours of enjoyment, fun and exciting events.


Our daughter, Kylie attended Kenwal Day Camp this Summer in the Soph Pices Group  and had the time of her life.  Her Kenwal Day Camp experience was beyond her dreams. You provided the “snow trail” tour for our family along with a dear friend in the winter, we were blown away by the various activities our daughter would be exposed to.  We all were excited and my husband and I wished we could attend as well.  Kenwal Day Camp  had been recommended to us by two families who had joined the “Kenwal family”, so we had heard from our friends of their positive experience.   After meeting you and hearing how your family came to own and run the Kenwal Day Camp we felt a connection.  Not only did we register Kylie, but our friend registered her twins as well. 

A funny thing…Kylie plays on the Commack Soccer Team and she participated in their Columbus Day Weekend Soccer Tournament.  The tournament team is a compilation of girls that had not necessarily played together previously. Two of the girls she knew (I had not met them before) didn’t attend the same school, but funny enough Kylie knew them from her Soph Pices group at Kenwal Day Camp .  They were in her camp photo!!  The father of one of the girls also has another daughter that attends the camp, as well and has for a couple of years.  I spoke with another Soccer Mom on the tournament team and she had signed up her daughters for summer  and noted that some of her daughters’ friends will be attending for the first time this upcoming summer. 

Kylie’s favorite Kenwal Day Camp Things:

  • Chicken nuggets and hot dogs are great
  • Swimming time (They have so many pools)
  • Zip Line (LOVES it. Cannot go on it enough!)
  • Race Cars!
  • Arts and Crafts (Tie-dye was so much fun)
  • Color War



Kenwal Day Camp’s  Customer services is hands down the best.  Recently, I was researching entertainment options for my daughter’s communion.  I called you folks to inquire if you had experienced a particular organization which you noted you had, but that this particular type of entertainment didn’t hold the attention of the kids for the entire performance.  You then recommended Pet Den and relayed the type of entertainment they provided the kids and what a positive experience the kids had at various age groups.  Well, I called Pet Den following that conversation and booked them for Kylie’s communion this May.  Thank you so much for taking the time to jump on the phone and discuss this non-related camp matter with me. 

Your gesture truly goes back to the foundation that Kenwal Day Camp was built upon.    You, your family, your team, get what kids want – they come first and the parents are thrilled that Kenwal Day Camp provides a safe environment, fun filled days with various activities, online photo sharing (the parents live vicariously through their children), friendships bloom, smiles are endless, memories are plentiful. Kenwal Day Camp  = Happy… Everything!

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you all this summer!

Dear Uncle Howie and all of our friends at Kenwal Day Camp,

It was only 3 or 4 years ago that we were looking for a place that we could send our four children for the summer. We have a big range of ages and our oldest son was a special needs child. We tried everything: We were looking for a place where our younger three would be happy and safe but more than that we wanted to know that our son would be comfortable and able to make friends. Ever since we have been part of the Kenwal Day Camp family we know that our son has woken up eager to get on the bus and always comes home with a smile. The answer to our questions about Kenwal Day Camp always seems to have the word “great” in them. Our girls look forward to seeing their camp friends every summer and love seeing them throughout the year too.

Our children have all learned to swim like dolphins at Kenwal Day Camp. It is common for me to hear parents comment on how terrific my kids can swim, even the little one who is only 5. She has been swimming at Kenwal Day Camp since she was 3. She swims very comfortably in the deep water and dives like a big kid. The staff is second to none. I can always depend on a call from the nurse or a counselor if something “unusual happens”. We love that our son has options of activities if he isn’t comfortable with something. Whenever there is a trip, I know that my son is in the most capable hands. The financial arrangements are flexible and with the large expense of four children we are so appreciative of the ability to spread out our payments. It gives a summer of relief to a mom and dad who spend the year consumed with the progress of four very different children. There is no way to thank you…but THANK YOU!


Dearest Kenwal Staff,

As we begin preparing for our young daughter’s third summer at Kenwal Day Camp, and prepare for our middle child’s first summer, we can’t help but reflect on the fantastic decision we made in becoming part of the Kenwal Day Camp Family.

When our oldest was nearing camp age, I spent some time touring quite a few of the local camps in our area. My husband and I were both “camp kids” ourselves, but neither of us grew up in the local area. All the nearby camps had good reputations so I was curious to see what set each camp apart.

Kenwal Day Camp was different, in the best of ways, from the very beginning.  What sold me on Kenwal Day Camp wasn’t arriving to a raucous DJ, leading a full singing and dancing party in the front parking area. It wasn’t the fact that Howie, a camp director and not a different staff member took ample time from his day to golf­ cart me around with my o her friends (all of whom now send their kids to Kenwal Day Camp as well)l . It wasn’t the camp setup that allowed for our younger kids to be a part of camp while still maintaining a smaller, easier to manage space. It wasn’t the pools, inflatable’s, lake, trails, air conditioned lunch room, crafts center or mini-courts that sold us either.

For me, the magic moment was when I asked Howie how many of his current staff were Kenwal campers themselves at one time. To that, he began calling out to staff members, knowing each and every one by name. These young adults, counselors, maintenance staff and area specialists all started calling out their answers: “11 summers, Howie!”; “9 years going strong!”; “I’ve been coming here since I was 5!” To me as a parent there was no better indicator that Kenwal Day Camp was doing something right because these young adults were returning to camp year after year, not because their parents were sending them, but because they were making the personal choice to be there: It doesn’t get much better than that!

It’s hard to describe the incredible sense of friendship and camaraderie that I saw at Kenwal Day Camp or the feeling of warmth and welcome that so clearly exists. From the bus driver to the counselors, the staff, and the directors, Kenwal Day Camp has met and then exceeded our expectations each summer. We hope that our kids grow to love Kenwal Day Camp so much that well after we are done sending them, they too make the choice to return “home” to the camp that they love.

With our sincerest appreciation,

Stephanie and Scott